There has often been a lot of debate on whether tobacco is a better alternative to marijuana. Marijuana is a mixture of brown, green or gray dried leaves, stems and seeds of the hemp plant. Most people on the street commonly refer to it as pot, weed and herb. Tobacco on the other hand is a nervous system stimulant that contains high doses of nicotine and comes from the dried and ground components of an American plant this is different to a vapour based electronic cigarette uk that utilizes vapour instead of smoke.

Recent studies have shown that marijuana is in fact a safer alternative as compared to marijuana. This is not to say that it is not equally dangerous. It has been proven that marijuana does contain more tar than cigarettes, but the quantity of the tar in either of the stimulants does not matter. The tar will cause the same damage in spite of its quantity.

There are some comparisons that can be done between marijuana and tobacco. For instance people who smoke marijuana do not chain smoke. This means, in the end, they smoke less chemically dangerous substances as compared to tobacco smokers who can easily smoke too many cigarettes in a day. The same goes for those smokers that switch to the ecigarette. And because marijuana is more potent, its ‘effects’ last much longer than nicotine. This means that marijuana users are less inclined to want to take more marijuana in order to experience lasting effects. This cannot be compared to nicotine, whose effects fade quickly, causing the user to use more to keep up with its effects.

Nicotine is a substance that is responsible for a lot of infections and health challenges that smokers experience. However, this substance is not present in marijuana. Nicotine has been connected to causing cancer in smokers.

smoking-risks-e-cigarette uk

smoking-risks-e-cigarette uk

One advantage of marijuana over tobacco is that it contains THC, which is known to be a bronchial dilator. This means that when inhaled, it has the ability to expand and open up the lungs. This is an aid for people suffering from coughs and breathing difficulties. It also aids in clearing smoke and dirt from the air passageways. The nicotine present in tobacco does the opposite of THC by blocking a person’s air passageways.

Marijuana is also a known relaxant because it helps its smokers relax and helps improve a person’s mood. Additionally, there are safer alternatives to taking marijuana such as eating it or using it in a vaporized form as compared to smoking it. Nicotine, on the other hand, is not safe to eat.

As can be seen, marijuana is a better alternative as compared to nicotine.